BB&D Attorneys Achieve Millions In Tax Savings for Property Owners

BB&D attorneys Bob Blitz, Chris Bauman and Jason Turk represent hundreds of property owners in appealing the valuations of their commercial real estate by taxing authorities.  The Missouri State Tax Commission recently issued more than 180 decisions in our clients’ tax appeals.  Our efforts reduced taxable values more than $250 million.  The results included:

  • $16.2 million reduction for a hotel initially valued at more than $21 million;
  • $13.9 million reduction for a high-rise office building;
  • $10.9 million reduction for a shopping center;
  • $6.7 million reduction for a suburban office complex;
  • $4.9 million reduction for a warehouse initially valued at more than $9 million; and
  • Change in classification from commercial to agricultural for an undeveloped parcel, reducing the taxable value from over $3.4 million to just over $7,000.

The property owners will enjoy significant tax savings as a result.