Bob Blitz’s Three Decades Of Top Verdicts & Settlements

On February 9, 2023, BB&D’s founding member Robert D. Blitz received an award from Missouri Lawyers Media for his work on the Number 1 Top Settlement of 2022.  Bob was a crucial member of the group of private attorneys representing several Missouri counties that had brought their own actions against the opioid industry alongside the […]

Legislation Modifies Missouri’s Business Incentive and Worker Training Programs

SB 68 renames the Missouri Works Training Program to the “Missouri One Start Program,” which provides flexible funding for a company’s training costs associated with a new facility, expansion or retraining project.  Companies may utilize industry training funds to offset training costs for new products, new manufacturing processes, technological innovation, and productivity improvement.   Under SB 68, a company is no longer required to retain its current number of employees, instead becoming eligible by maintaining at least one-hundred jobs in the year preceding the application.