Robert D. Blitz Receives BAMSL’s Distinguished Lawyer Award

On May 2, 2022, at the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis’s (BAMSL) Law Day Celebration, BAMSL awarded its Honorable E. Richard Webber Distinguished Lawyer Award to BB&D founding member Robert D. Blitz.  The Law Day Celebration featured a keynote address by former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill.  The Distinguished Lawyer Award is the highest honor […]

Legislation Modifies Missouri’s Business Incentive and Worker Training Programs

SB 68 renames the Missouri Works Training Program to the “Missouri One Start Program,” which provides flexible funding for a company’s training costs associated with a new facility, expansion or retraining project.  Companies may utilize industry training funds to offset training costs for new products, new manufacturing processes, technological innovation, and productivity improvement.   Under SB 68, a company is no longer required to retain its current number of employees, instead becoming eligible by maintaining at least one-hundred jobs in the year preceding the application.