BB&D Prevails in Complex Trust Litigation

Three years after being honored by Missouri Lawyers Weekly for securing one of the largest defense wins in a multi-million dollar trust case, BB&D’s impressive team of litigators is at it again, proving their skill navigating trust and estate law extends beyond drafting estate planning documents and defense work.  BB&D recently secured an exceptional settlement on behalf of a beneficiary who was omitted from a $100,000,000.00 estate.  BB&D’s client, a long-time employee, friend, and companion of the decedent, was omitted from the estate just weeks before the decedent’s death.  BB&D filed suit challenging the changes to the decedent’s trust on grounds of mental incapacity, undue influence, and a failure to properly execute the changes in accordance with the law.  The case was litigated in Missouri and Florida and involved complex and unique areas of trust and estate law in both states.  Despite being challenged by over 50 adverse beneficiaries and trustees, BB&D, behind the efforts of Bob Blitz, Kelley Farrell, Chris Bauman, and Aaron Sanders, was able to secure a $10,000,000.00 settlement on behalf of its client, an amount exceeding the interest recovered by any other beneficiary.