BB&D Secures Injunction Against Former Licensee’s Use of Trademarks

BB&D attorneys Kelley F. Farrell, David H. Luce and Jason K. Turk represented a large publicly-traded company that owns trademarks for footwear and apparel.  BB&D’s client licensed limited rights to certain trademarks to a licensee.  After the licensee failed to live up to its obligations under the license agreements, BB&D’s client terminated those agreements.  The licensee refused to recognize the terminations or stop using our client’s brands to sell products.  BB&D filed suit in federal court seeking an injunction stopping all use of the trademarks.  The Court ordered an immediate and truncated seven-week discovery period followed by a hearing on the merits of the preliminary injunction.  After testimony from both sides in a day-long hearing, the Court entered an Order granting all relief our client sought and immediately enjoining the licensee from using the trademarks.  BB&D’s client immediately regained control of its valuable brand.