BB&D Successfully Represents Family Limited Partnership in Dispute with Life Insurance Company

BB&D attorneys Bob Blitz, Thom Avery and Jason Turk successfully represented a family limited partnership that was the beneficiary of a $2 million life insurance policy.  The partnership purchased the policy as part of the family’s estate plan and sued the life insurance company after it refused to reinstate the policy and pay the death benefit.  BB&D also brought suit against the insurance broker that assisted the client in obtaining the policy.  Although the client did not pay premiums on the policy for a period of over two years after moving locations and failed to send a change of address to the insurance company, BB&D filed suit in federal court on its behalf and obtained a large settlement in our client’s favor.  Following BB&D’s successful discovery of internal insurance company documents and securing the testimony of its employees, BB&D argued that the insurance company had actually located the client’s new address and had a duty to send the notices to the new address despite the client’s failure to give notice.  The case settled favorably to BB&D’s client prior to trial after the court denied the insurance company’s motion for summary judgment.