Court of Appeals Issues Permanent Writ in Favor of BB&D Client and Against Former St. Louis Rams on Arbitration Issue

BB&D, on behalf of the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority (also known as the RSA), prevailed before the state Court of Appeals with respect to a trial court’s ruling concerning arbitration in a matter between the RSA and the former St. Louis Rams.  The RSA had previously filed suit against the Rams on an issue related to a training facility in St. Louis County.  The trial court ruled that the matter should be resolved in arbitration and the RSA applied for a writ.  In its ruling, the Court of Appeals stated that the matter should proceed before the circuit court given the language in the contract, as BB&D argued.  Bob Blitz, Chris Bauman, and Ellen Dunne represented the Authority in this writ proceeding.

The opinion of the Court of Appeals can be found at: