Elections & Campaign Finance

Candidate / Campaign Representation
Representing a candidate or a campaign requires active review of filings, advertising, media events and publications to ensure compliance with all state and federal campaign laws and regulations. Our attorneys have a long history of establishing campaign, candidate and political action committees in local, state and federal elections; preparing and filing campaign finance reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission; reviewing and approving reports filed by candidates with the Federal Election Commission; and reviewing and ensuring compliance with Missouri campaign restrictions on media and Federal Communications Commission requirements on advertising for both candidate and issue campaigns. Our attorneys are experienced in handling media interviews, editorial board visits and serving as spokespersons for campaigns across Missouri.

Complaint Representation
Our attorneys have a long history of representing campaigns, candidates and political action committees in the successful resolution of complaints before the Missouri Ethics Commission and appeals from decisions of the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Initiative Petitions
Our attorneys have drafted more than 100 initiative petitions—both statewide and in localities—approved for circulation. From tax issues to local control of police departments, our attorneys are known as the go-to experts to effectively qualify ballot measures for circulation. Our attorneys have experience in the preparation and review of fiscal impact filings on prospective initiative petitions both as proponents and opponents. Our attorneys have led challenges to the validity of ballot titles and signature qualifications and actively defended similar matters. We have litigated and challenged initiatives in trial and appellate courts, including in circuit courts, the Courts of Appeals, and the Missouri Supreme Court. We represent initiative proponents and opponents in statewide and local campaigns, ensuring campaign finance and campaign media compliance and reporting, conducting outreach activities and serving as spokespersons for successful statewide campaigns.

Our attorneys have represented proponents and opponents in ballot title litigation in circuit courts and appellate courts for more than a decade. In cases involving fiscal impact analysis, clear and fair title, and ballot language, we have been leaders in the initiative petition litigation field. We have successfully prepared and tried challenges regarding the validity of signatures on statewide initiative petitions. Our experienced team has also represented candidates in the defense and prosecution of election contests and qualification challenges. Our attorneys have also successfully defended the substantive validity of ballot measures following voter approval.