Occupational & Professional Licensing

Board Representation
Our attorneys have represented boards and commissions as special counsel in complex matters of litigation.

Certificate of Need
Our attorneys have also represented hospital and nursing home clients in the approval of Certificates of Need as well as the transfer of rights under such Certificates. We have also represented clients in litigation regarding both the approval and denial of Certificates of Need.

Our attorneys have represented professionals and businesses before Missouri boards and commissions in preparing responsive filings on complaints and working with the boards and commissions to protect the licenses of our client. A representative sample includes licensed physicians, pharmacists, dentists, architects and engineers, attorneys, nurses, mental health professionals, optometrists, insurance agents, insurance companies, real estate agents, brokers and appraisers, nursing homes, and other health care centers. Our attorneys have represented both professional organizations and individual professionals who have found themselves the subject of agency investigations. These representations have ensured that the investigation is conducted within the authority of the agency, that the licensee being investigated is afforded all legal protections and rights, that it is afforded the opportunity to present all relevant and favorable information, and that the agency’s investigation is fair, free of bias and prejudice and not pre-determined in result. In these representations, the firm has been successful in favorably resolving concerns with licenses and licensees, sometimes through no action by the agency or in settling matters at the early stages before formal action is taken.


Our attorneys have successfully represented professionals before the Administrative Hearing Commission, circuit courts, appellate courts and ultimately the Missouri Supreme Court.

Medical Licensure Issues
Our attorneys have represented doctors, nurses, dentists and other professionals before professional boards to protect and defend their licenses. We have successfully obtained licensure for denied professionals and preserved licenses for actively practicing medical professionals. Our attorneys regularly appear and represent individuals before state administrative boards and commissions, including the Board of Healing Arts, the Missouri Dental Board, the Missouri Nursing Board, the Board of Optometry, and the Board of Pharmacy, among others.

Professional Licensing
The livelihood of many professionals and businesses is dependent on possessing a professional license, certificate or approval. Many state agencies exist for the purpose of promulgating and implementing professional standards, monitoring professional conduct, inspecting and investigating professional activities and controlling license status. Agency inspections and investigations, formal and informal complaints, proposed license discipline, and refusals to issue or renew licenses are serious and significant matters affecting the licensee’s livelihood. In matters of this nature, the agency often has the advantage over the licensee because of its understanding and control of the intricacies of the subject matter and the specialized procedures in place for resolving disputes. Effectively dealing with this advantage and protecting the licensee’s investment in his or her license requires legal representation by attorneys experienced in professional licensing practice. Our attorneys regularly appear and represent businesses and individuals before state administrative boards and commissions, including the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission, the Missouri Gaming Commission, Missouri Public Service Commission, the Board of Healing Arts, the Missouri Dental Board, the Missouri Nursing Board, the Board of Optometry, the Board of Pharmacy, the Certificate of Need Review Committee, and the Missouri State Tax Commission, among others.