Personal Injury & Products Liability

Personal Injury
Serious injuries can occur when someone breaches a duty to act toward others as a reasonable person in similar circumstances would act. We are experienced in litigation involving these injuries and the complex legal issues associated with them. Frequently, insurance issues related to these injuries arise, and we ensure that our client’s rights under insurance policies are vigorously protected.

Products Liability
Unreasonably dangerous products released into the stream of commerce—from adulterated to pharmaceuticals to automobiles—can injure consumers. as a result of a design defect, manufacturing defect, or other breaches of the standard of care. Unfortunately, negligence of this type can lead to serious injury or even death. We are experienced in litigation with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and their insurance providers when a product causes serious injury or death to a client.

Wrongful Death
Our attorneys have successfully handled wrongful death actions. They are intimately familiar with the classes of claimants and defenses set out in Chapter 537 of the Missouri Revised Statutes and with other issues that arise in such litigation.