Tax Compliance & Controversies

Commercial Property Tax Appeals
Our attorneys have represented clients before local boards of equalization on matters of assessed value and exempt property, resulting in reduction or elimination of tax liability for our clients. Our attorneys have obtained reductions in assessed value and property taxes due on real and personal property and on exemption cases, representing clients before the appellate courts and the Missouri Supreme Court on property tax valuation and exemption cases.

Local Government Taxes and Abatements
We have represented businesses and individuals in structuring transactions to minimize local tax impacts and ensuring our clients maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations to maximize and protect local tax benefits. Our attorneys have represented taxpayers, local governments and state officials and have been at the forefront of protecting taxpayers and developing the law on the Hancock Amendment in Missouri for decades.

Sales and Use Tax Compliance and Appeals
We have represented businesses and individuals to ensure compliance with the state sales and use tax laws and to ensure clients maximize available tax exemptions. Our attorneys have taken and defended appeals of sales and use tax issues to the Administrative Hearing Commission and the Missouri Supreme Court and have obtained favorable rulings for clients, saving taxpayers millions.