Trust & Estate Litigation

All too often, a decedent’s end-of-life wishes are the subject of disputes after they have passed. Many people use trusts or wills or a combination to determine how their estate will be distributed and to protect their assets. Their wishes, as set out in these documents, must be their own, mindful decisions free of undue influence. Attorneys of the firm have handled and tried several high-stakes cases in which the decisions made by a decedent in a trust or will were challenged. This experience includes the second largest defense verdict in the state of Missouri in 2016. Whether defending the true desires and interests of the decedent or seeking to set aside a trust or will that was arrived at through undue influence, we are familiar with the many issues that are certain to arise and will work to resolve these challenging cases. In addition, the firm has handled many matters in which disputes have arisen between those who benefit from a trust and the trustee, which controls the assets of the trust. We have the experience and knowledge to negotiate and resolve these disputes and litigate them if necessary.

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