BB&D Attorneys Successfully Defend Business Owner In Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

BB&D members Rob Brandt and Jason Turk represented a client who had been a salesperson at a commercial and residential contractor.  Our client believed he had been underpaid and left the company.  He started his own competing company, which became extremely successful.  His former employer then sued him and the new company for breach of a non-compete agreement, theft of trade secrets, and other claims.  Our client filed a counterclaim for his unpaid wages.  The former employer moved for a temporary restraining order, which the court denied after argument.  The court later held a full-day hearing with testimony and evidence, with the former employer asking the court to enjoin BB&D’s client from doing business.  BB&D elicited damaging testimony from the former employer’s owners and executives, and the court denied the injunction.  The former employer then produced an expert, a CPA, who testified that the former employer had been damaged by over $4 million.  BB&D immediately moved to exclude the expert’s testimony, which the court granted.  BB&D then moved for summary judgment on all counts, which was argued and granted, dismissing all of the former employer’s claims.  All that was left in the case was our client’s claim for $3,000 in unpaid wages.  The former employer then signed a complete release of our client, who paid nothing. BB&D associates Aaron Sanders and Tom Limbrick assisted.