BB&D Members Bob Blitz And Chris Bauman Win Legal Battle To Keep St. Louis An NFL City

The St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority, in a lawsuit pending in the City of St. Louis, was adjudged to be the proper party to build, finance, and do everything necessary to build a new NFL stadium in St. Louis.  BB&D, through Bob Blitz and Chris Bauman, represented the Authority, which is funding the North Riverfront Stadium Project in St. Louis.  The new stadium is a necessity to maintain NFL status for St. Louis.  The ruling today also struck down a City ordinance requiring a public vote for funding the new stadium and determined that the placement of the stadium complex is authorized. A ruling adverse to the Authority or one upholding the City ordinance would have been a major blow to the stadium project. The billion dollar project can now proceed.

More than a year ago Gov. Jay Nixon appointed Blitz, along with Dave Peacock, as the task force to keep St. Louis an NFL City.  They continue the push to develop a stadium for that purpose.


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