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Business Disputes Among Owners
Whether you are a member of an L.L.C., a partner, shareholder, or involved in another type of business owner relationship, disputes often arise concerning the business’s ownership and management. If you find your self involved in such a matter, unpleasant and unexpected as it may be, all the more reason to have an expert civil attorney on your side. Our veteran business litigation attorneys are experts in analyzing such disputes and determining if litigation is the best strategy for your situation.

There are cases in which a civil suit may be avoided, to your benefit, but if litigation is the only alternative, it goes without saying that you will want reputable business litigation lawyers experts in your corner who have decades of experience navigating the complexities of these matters, a team of veteran attorneys who understand what makes for a strong case and know how to win. Our reputation is on the line as well.

Business Torts
Our team of business litigation lawyers have successfully prosecuted and defended businesses in a wide range of business tort litigation. Our track record speaks for itself when the litigation matter involves tortious interference, anti-trust, declaratory judgment, civil conspiracy, unfair business practice, and many other claims that consistently arise in the course of operating and managing a business, small or large.

Exclusivity Contracts
Virtually all civil business litigation will relate to, and likely depend on, the language and provisions of a contract. We have successfully handled contract-based litigation involving a wide range of industries and unique circumstances. Attention to detail, specifically the language of the contract, is incredibly important. We are experts at evaluating contract language and negotiating on the basis of those evaluations. We know what to look for in a contract and our lawyers are intimately familiar with, and have actually created law concerning, all varieties of contract issues, including factual and equitable contract defenses, the enforceability of arbitration provisions, choice of law and venue, parol evidence, the statute of frauds, and many more.

Financing Agreements
Our business litigation attorneys have extensive experience representing businesses and their principals and spouses in work-outs and litigation with lenders. We have negotiated multiple successful work-outs and also successfully defended against actions brought by lenders.

Businesses face a myriad of insurance issues. They’re complicated. We advise clients on every aspect of these issues, including coverage disputes, taking insurance companies to court for vexatious refusal to pay claims (a common scenario), analyzing notice provisions found in all insurance policies, and considering potential third-party claims against insurance agents.

Whether insurance issues are the primary claims or are ancillary to defending or prosecuting other aspects of a lawsuit (i.e., declaring a duty to defend and a duty to indemnify or responding to reservation of rights letters), we understand what is at stake and will do everything in our power to resolve your insurance issues in your favor.


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