Missouri Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Blitz, Bardgett and Deutsch’s Rams Phone Records Subpoena

Fox 2 News and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Blitz, Bardgett and Deutsch attorneys Bob Blitz and Chris Bauman’s subpoena to make four phone companies turn over the last eight years of phone records of the NFL and team owners, including Stan Kroenke, in St. Louis’ lawsuit against the Rams.

The NFL and Rams unsuccessfully tried blocking the subpoena. Another positive step in St. Louis’ lawsuit proceedings against the Rams.

See Fox 2 News coverage and read St. Louis Post-Dispatch story.

Robert Blitz, principal at Blitz, Bardgett and Deutsch law firm st louis missouri
Robert Blitz
attorney Chris Bauman of Blitz, Bardgett and Deutsch law firm st louis missouri
Chris Bauman

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